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Originally Posted by zltm089 View Post
Never heard of them before...How does it compare to the other IC on the market? Any links to the reviews from the US?
They are very popular on the VAG scene, their name popped up loads when I was there myself but they're new to BMW and doing their best to satisfy the market. As they say, their R&D is extending over here now so I see no reason why they won't be a major player in this market in the future. Have a search here, 1addicts or Google for some reviews, it's well worth reading the Audi ones too and if you can read German then search as Wagner is extremely popular there .

I hope no one is getting offended by my promotion, I'm not trying to rubbish competitors, believe it or not I'm trying to help people and a company looking to be successful. I'm convinced by the products I've seen, the conversations we've had and the physical parts on their way and for me that's enough. I was all set to purchase and ETS cooler this month but my house move got in the way, I'm glad it did though because I've uncovered another brand. I can see however why Matt got annoyed at his gb.

Anyway, happy thoughts people and if I can help more then I will. Like I say there is a new design down pipe, I will see if there are any photos of this.