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Originally Posted by BiscottiGelato View Post
Reving does not have to mean higher speed. What I mean is, If you are in the pedestrian 4th gear at some 60km/hr or 40mph and you want torque and power, drop into 2nd. Yes you have to downshift, but that's what the upper revs and the gearbox is for. On the street, you'd have plenty enough power to do anything but racing red-light to red-light in almost any car out there (maybe not a Smart.....).
mph = (rpm x tire diameter) / (gear ratio x 336)

Do the math yourself...

What I mean is: dropping into 2nd in your 135i obviously doesn't have the same effect than dropping into 2nd in the Toyobaru after you open the throttle @ 40 mph!!!

With the 135i you can steer on the throttle from MUCH lower speeds - the throttle has complete authority over the chassis at low and safer speeds!

For you to have the same kind of control from the Toyobaru's throttle you have to rev the engine at least to 6.5k - 7k rpm which means that in 2nd gear you hit higher speeds when compared to the 135i into 2nd gear @ 1200 rpm (where the max. engine torque just starts).

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Honda dropped their rev-happy engines because they don't make a sport/sporty car anymore... Referencing a disgrace such as Honda who dropped all their racing hertiage is the worst example one can come up with.
True... but they don't make a sports car anymore because they don't have the right 'green' engine!

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