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Originally Posted by sunwest View Post
Yes the LCI definitively pulls harder on 1st and Second gear. It seems that the gear ratio is slightly higher too (might be wrong).

On my 57 plate 330d I have done 720 miles on a tank in 2009, yes 720 driving all the way to the south of France, 60 litre and 720 miles!!! French motorway are very smooth I was averaging 75 miles an hour!
I am sure if I drove the same way with the LCI one I would do that little bit more, it is boring though!

Having the car mapped with 680Nm of torque (500 ft/lb) was amazing. In Gear acceleration was immense, lets put it this way even in a latest ferrari you would hardly generate that torque and not at 2000 rpm.
If you have the msport set up and an auto box, it is pretty safe too! Had done 40 000 miles with the map, and the car never missed a beat.
WOW, 720 - amazing.

Glad your map has been smooth running. Still hoping someone with a mapped LCI will pop up at some point though so I can hear what they think.
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