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335i E92

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Your consumption is similar to mine based on my latest reading, ľ litre over 400 / 500 miles which = Issue somewhere!!

Much like yours my car isnít smoking at idle or on acceleration from what I can see, I donít have any obviously leaks and donít get any burning oils smells so it puzzling as to where itís all going, on top of that my cars running strong. Certainly doesnít feel like my turbos are shot and Iím sure that if they were leaking ľ litre within 400 miles Iíd be smoking pretty badly, currently I have a tiny puff of blue / white smoke on cold start that clears instantly.

Hopefully Darren Woods will have a better idea tomorrow when they inspect my intercooler & intake for oil etc.

Anyone concerned about this issue should take a look at the below thread, it seems a blocked PCV can cause all of my symptoms, hereís to hoping!!