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Originally Posted by Lankster View Post
Has to be a coincidence. Say you get a DINAN exhaust, which is endorsed by BMW and is covered under their manufacturer warranty. The DINAN exhaust has NO actuator flap and does not control which pipe exhaust comes out of. The actuator is mostly a sound dampener and slightly warms the cats up faster. After that the actuator is mostly for sound. Just my .02 but ready with firesuit.
It is possible that it could be a conicidence. I mean 500 miles is a while. I would imagine it would have triggered the SES sooner. I scanned with my Bav Tech and I had no engine fault codes or shadow fault codes. I short tested all modules and had no codes related to the engine. Cleared all other misc codes (radio, rain sensor, bluetooth, etc...) and reset the ECU. I drove the car for 25 miles and the SES light is still on. Not sure how to clear it. I just don't undertsand why Bav Tech is not picking up a code for the SES......
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