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Originally Posted by dopper99 View Post
I've owned a pre-LCI 330d for 2 years and had my current 330d LCI from new for 6 months. Both were/are standard with manual 'box.

The main thing I notice between the two cars is the power delivery. The LCI is more petrol like and a little bit more linear. Sounds a little better too than the old car on hard acceleration. It definatley feels quicker in first gear, off the mark - which probably attributes to the quicker 0-60.

The old 330d is more agressive with the power delivery - which I liked and made it feel very punchy when the turbo kicks in - but ultimately, the LCI feels a tad quicker. Having said that, my LCI is getting better all the time as the miles are going on it. I've still only done 5000 miles in it.

One thing that has impressed me this week is the fuel consumption. I had go go up north on a round trip to near Leeds and clocked up over 400 miles. So far on this tank I've done 450 miles and its on a quarter tank with 100+ left showing on the range. Now the old car was NEVER as economical as that.
The first 200 miles up there were driven very steady - but on the way back last night I bollocked home and still got reasonable consumption overall.
I think you will find your LCi gets better from about 10K miles ... I bought mine at 5K miles and it was very linear and slower than a 15K miler I test drove - the test one has a lot more punch and was nowhere near as linear. Now mine has done 15K miles it is exactly like the demo one ... and I am very pleased