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yea me driving with it for so long was ultimately what fried the module as far as i know and so was my fault in the end, but no ammount of scanning or troubleshooting coukd give me a definate answer as to what exactly was wrong, and every "first step" i had avail was pretty damn expensive so i was just leary and trying to confirm it or fix it myself.

in the end i got into a car i could afford, but couldnt afford to own. i assumed with the premium prices they charged that it would be pretty dependable for the most part but coming from a past of japanese cars, and a few vw/audis i ended up with a long long list of problems in the 2 years i owned mine, bought it used with 26k on the clock and had around 80 on it in the end.

if $600 can fix this and thats the only problem you've had im hesitant to tell ya jump ship now, i think my car was a particularly bad example but if it starts going downhill after this? run away....haha