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Originally Posted by eamcramer View Post
i tried using a piece of felt between the A pillar and dash board on passenger side which eliminated the that rattle, only to find out had the same rattle on the driver side (which I fixed through the same method for now). Now I noticed that theres one coming from the rear driver side door pull which is really annoying, + theres no obvious way to tighten or isolate the rattle there. The radio is the best solution...
felt is, probably, the cheapest, and most effective way to reduce rattles of trim panels. Since my line of work tends to CAUSE rattles (I've been in car audio for over 20 years) we've had to figure out ways to make it stop. Felt, foam, butyl, aluminum, name it, we have products to help. Unfortunately, mass loading (adding weight to) the panel is the best way to reduce rattles and road noise, and we want our cars as light as possible. We're going to have to make a trade at some point.