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330d LCI 0-60mph

Thought I'd make an acceleration video with my 330d, as I want to compare it to my future 328i, since they both produce the same rated output of 245ps. So I thought I'd post it here so you can enjoy it too!
Very easy to see that BMW underrates the 0-60 times (quoted 6.1) but reviewers say they easily get 5.9 in the 6MT like mine. I could've attacked 1st gear a little more - a "chirp" would've been ideal but I didn't want to just spin the power away so aired on the side of caution more! This is on a slight, going to significant incline too.
So, here you go HIT 1080p!

And here is another video I created on the same night just to show how the DTC/DSC system intervenes.

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