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Originally Posted by bmmakela View Post
So the dealer wasn't any help. Not a warrantee issue according to them, although I'm going to write the BBB to air my grievances. Between three repairs in 10k miles of ownership, and the iDrive screen scratches, I'm mad. Ever heard of Gorilla glass BMW?

The Lexerd anti-glare film does work OK, maybe a bit better than OK. After two previous attempts, I was able to apply with minimal bubbles and edge buckling. The scratches are significantly less noticeable, and it looks better than before, albeit a few minor bubbles under the new film.

I plan to trade this car in after another two years. If the dealer tries to discount my trade due to the iDrive screen ($2800 repair).....
Why exactly should BMW warranty your thick hands scratching the iDrive screen? Because it's prone to scratching?