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Originally Posted by luster View Post

Let's agree to disagree on this one.

A pedalbox, sprintbooster, throttle controller or potentiometer (lets face it, thats what these boxes really are) deceive the user to believe the car is more responsive, zippy, toey and wants to move.

Almost all tunes do the exact same thing. They remap the throttle response (as well as configuring many more parameters to extract more power).

Now, the problem with a CRD-T, is that it doesn't modify the throttle response to give this sense - proceed does, as do almost ALL flash tunes and I believe the other piggies do too.

As the 177HP diesel engines have an encrypted ECU that can only be flashed on a bench, at significant cost, the CRD-T piggyback is the answer. @ less than half the cost of a bench tune, its money well spent.

To get that last bit of performance (no HP gains), to feel the power, to match what a flash tune would normally give, you need a pedalbox/springbooster/potentiometer to complete the picture.

All together, its still 25% cheaper than a flash tune, and doesn't modify the original DME.

Power is comparable to a flashed DME, as demonstrated by playwithonehands output -vs- mine.

Euro cars seem to have stupidly fuel efficient pedal response that makes the car feel crap. For an average user (such as myself), the pedal rarely gets mashed past 50%. anything more is abuse!

So a throttle controller makes the car WAKE UP, it give a much nicer curve and allows us to enjoy our tune without changing our driving habits.

Can you at least accept this response as fair and understand why we use them?

We aren't fucking retards that buy things like throttle spacers and other snake oil products that actually do nothing.