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Everything you need is here:

You need to first upload the firmware for whatever map you decide upon. If I were you, I would go with the latest 4/23 maps. You first install your firmware. Make sure your laptop is plugged into a wall socket during the firmware update process. Then, upload the 6AT Stage 1 maps.

After you have uploaded firmware/maps, reset adaptations and clear codes. All the info on how to do this is in the Procede V5 User Manual.

Check the user adjustible settings and don't forget about the traction control feature. With stock tires and no LSD, set it to around 25.

THEN, start the car. You should be in Map 1. Push DSC twice (quickly) and the RPM guage will move in increments of 1,000 RPM. 1,000 RPM is map 1; 2,000 RPM is map 2, 3,000 RPM is map 3, 4,000 RPM is map 4 and 0 RPM is map 0. Make sure you are in Map 1. Go for a drive. The Procede will not activate until the oil temp guage reaches 170 degrees. Turn off DSC (one push).

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