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Originally Posted by AWD Addict View Post
One of the easiest, cheapest and first things you should do to neutralize an AWD car's handling by reducing understeer is managing tire pressures closely, and selecting tire widths appropriately.

Don't rush to 265s or 275s for the rear wheel's tire widths. Everyone's all about width on the rears, and it's only hurting the understeer problem. Secondly, you should be running more tire pressure on the rears than the fronts. I run 36psi rear, and 32 front. While the car isn't neutral, it's really not too far off. With DTC on, I can send the ass out on a ramp without too much trouble at all.

Rear sway bar certainly will help, and bushings maybe a little.
ok so someone please confirm this. lets say there is 35psi in all my tires and i want to reduce understeer. and lets say it is within spec to increase the pressure to 38psi. so if i put in like 43 psi it would techincally be putting in more air in the front tire but it would actually negatively affect handling because its to much air. so ideally i would put in the 38 psi up front and leave the rears with 35psi or even go down to like 34psi. that way i have the perfect contact patch up front and less grip in the rear. wouldnt this be beneficial in terms of reducing understeer?