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psmitty95's Build Thread *update 3/22* Warning: Lots of pics

3/18/15: While home on break got a bunch of mods done. New wheels installed which are MORR FS77 in a brushed silver finish with custom centercaps. Also threw on the new sideskirts, floor mats, and gauge faces.

Wheel thread:
Update thread:

1/29/15: Custom floor mats from autostyle came in. Should be installed when i'm home in March along with a few other goodies

1/13/15: Ikon 4d carbon interior trim/roof, p3 gauge, & gauge cluster mods

12/4/14: Old M3 wheel was getting pretty worn out so got a custom flat-bottom wheel from Latvia with red stripe, & tri-color m stitching.

7/25/14: 3rd and hopefully last set of OSS Headlights. Photoshoot with the new mods:

7/19/14: Installed some new front speakers and underseat subs. Also pulled off the vinyl and had the bodyshop custom paint my engine cover space grey to match with red stripes.

Speaker thread:

4/26/13: Plastic around the start button started to chip a little bit so I decided to try vinyling it in a red color

4/6/14: Clutch started slipping and was between selling the car or doing clutch. Decided if I did clutch I would hold onto the car for a while and maybe do a big turbo down the road.... I bet you all can guess what I chose . Spec Stage 3+ Steel FW Here I come

Progress/Review Thread:

3/12/14: Wheels matched car too much and I was ready to change things up. Found a great deal on satin pearl vinyl so decided to take on the project as a DIY.

Full progress thread:

Finished pics:

2/21/14: New wheels finally came in. Avant Garde M590 Bespoke Level III custom brushed light tinted clear color and offsets. 19x8.5 ET 22 up front and 19x9.5 ET30 in the back

More pics:
Mounted Pics:

1/21/14: OSSdesigns came out with new DTM style raptor rings and I wanted to be the first E90 LCI to get my hands on them. Sold my old lights and sent out some new ones to Luis so he could work his magic. Went with the white rings, same color scheme, and a blueye projector and sticker.

Link to more pics:


Decided to give the debadged look a try. Honestly don't know if I like it better or worse yet. Going to think about it over the next few days


Bought a used AA exhaust and had it installed. Quick video below, i'll try to get a better one when I can. I think my DP gasket might be shot which could effect the sound. That along with a ton of other maintenance stuff are getting done in two weeks.


Installed a JLXD600/6 Amp with the technics harness. Also added some blue interior color strips from bimmian which I think looks cool. More info on amp install here:


Finally gave in and installed the 2-step rev limiter and NLS on my JB4. Here's a quick shitty video of the car backfiring. Going to try to get a better one in the next few days


Snapped some pics in the fall foliage and jmeas was kind enough to edit them for me. By far my favorite pics ever taken of my car so far.


Dynoed the car at M.R. Performance's mustang dyno on a dyno day. It made 408awhp/483awtq uncorrected. More info:


Found a great deal on a 2.2 gallon meth kit so jumped and had that installed. Also did a full 2 day detail on the car. More pics here:


Picked the car up with the VRSF V2 exhaust installed and the underside lip. Pictures were taken by the shop's photographer, Everett Freeman. Video of exhaust below too


After trying to get the lip installed I found out it would need to be permanently glued on. Decided I didn't want to have anything permanent so went with double splitters. Also got the VRSF V2 catback

Edit: 6/8/13 Just dropped it off at the shop. Here's some better pics of the splitters and one of the things getting installed while its there


CF front lip delivered and waiting for time to install. Pics below are just some test fit pics


Secondary cat delete + Cyba dry carbon tips. More here:


Parking garage photo shoot. More pics here:


Msport front and rear installed. More pics:

Pics during the install along with details of install:


Ordered msport front and rear from JGmods.


Sent in my headlights to OSS Designs for a 2-tone color scheme with Umnitza V4 Rings.

Pic thread:
Review Thread:


Finally got a chance to take some good pictures lowered on the winters. We also finally got some snow up here so I could snap some pics.


Picked up the car a few days ago after getting some routine maintenance done along with one major and one minor change. Major change is the car is finally lowered on KW V1's . I think i'm going to raise it up a bit in the front since it is rubbing a tiny bit but scraping a lot. I'm also probably going to lower the back a bit. The owner of the shop made the back a bit higher so it would look more aggressive and I love it but when a bit lower will be better. I'm still going to keep it higher than the front but not much. Also keep in mind this drop is on the 17" winter wheels... Should be a lot better once I can get the silver alufelgens back on.

The other mod I did which is minor is I had them tint the sidemarkers and I threw in some LED bulbs. I'll post pictures below of everything including stock bulb vs LED. So far i'm undecided on if I like having the sidemarkers tinted or not... I'd appreciate everyones thoughts since I haven't made up my mind yet. Anyways let me know your thoughts

I also apologize if these pictures aren't the greatest, they were just some quick snaps with an iphone.

Before the drop:

After in the shop:


Finally getting a drop . Found a nice set of used KW V1's so now just need to get them installed


Did a quick little photoshoot with my friend's B6 S4. Link to all the pictures is here:


Did a little photoshoot with the fall leaves. The link to all the pictures is here:


VRSF 7" intercooler, VRSF catless downpipes, and TMS brake kit installed. Review thread:

09/23/12 just some night pictures:

I swapped out the fogs to GP thunder 7500k a while ago but never really knew how to take pictures at night. I finally learned how to do it and tried some today.

09/17/12 Update:

Painted brakes black and applied decals. Here's a thread with more pictures:

09/02/12 Update:

Got bored today and decided to try plastidipping the lines of the LCI stock rear bumper. The good thing is I can peel it off anytime I want. I do plan on switching to the M sport rear but for now i think this looks decent. Let me know what you think

08/21/12 Update:

While driving my OEM charge pipe broke off and cracked so i had to replace it with the ER. I chose to get the ER with a blue Tial BOV and one meth bung in case i ever decide to add meth. I also just finished installing a M3 wheel i bought from a member yesterday.

07/13/12 Update:

Got a detail and also had the "CRT" style performance spoiler installed. One minor thing installed is the CF roundels.

More pics:

06/10/12 Update:

Just got my windows tinted yesterday from the Tint Man in Monroe, CT. I did 35% on all the sides and 20% on the back window.

05/27/12 Update:

Alufelgen SF-71's and front splitters were put on. Tires are Hankook Ventus V12 with tire sizes 235/35/19 and 265/30/19.

More Pics:

And some with the Lux on (the pictures were taken at weird angles so they weren't as bright as they are in person):

05/06/12 Update:

I got most of my first few mods finished up this week and I have a few more to come. Next weekend I should have the new shift knob and the windows tinted. I think i'm going to do rims next then suspension after that to get rid of the floaty xDrive feeling. I thought the floaty feeling wasn't that bad until last night when I did some highway runs against my friends 335D. Taking even the slightest turn or going over any bump in the 80-110 range was really frightening... Down the road i'll probably do an AE exhaust and some more performance mods but i'm satisfied with the power for now. Here's the mods that have been done so far: Black Grille, Black fins on the front bumper, Lux Angel eyes, Stett CAI, JB4, HPB Interior LED kit, Carbon fiber wrapped interior, ACS Aluminum Pedals, SG reflectors, Short throw clutch stop, CDV mod, and also hardwired my radar detector. Here are the updated pictures after a quick wash today:

04/21/12 After its first wash and some minor mods:

So I picked up my new car thursday of last week and just did a quick wash this morning and thought i'd share some pictures. I have a lot of mods planned and have already done a few things. I have a JB4 and Stett CAI sitting in my closet waiting to go in, but i'm not putting those in for another week or two since i'm still learning stick on the car... I also blacked out the grilles and debadged the xDrive from the side this morning although I may put the xDrive logo back on. Last night i ordered some Lux angel eyes so those should be coming in within the next week or two and I have a few more minor mods that I plan to order soon. I know it needs a drop and painted reflectors bad, but other than that let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions.

Edit: Forgot to add the front plate will also be going soon, i just need to get some bumper plugs first.

04/17/12 Bought the car. Dealership Pics Before any Mods:

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