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New to E90 - are these things normal?


Long time E39 owner. I've had my 2007 328i 6MT/sport/premium less than a week and I have a couple of questions that I'd like to bounce off of other owners.

1/ My Xenons shake. I've checked the mountings, I've had the bumper off, I've gone into the bulb replacement compartment and given it a shake and it all seems solid. I don't think any of the ball/socket connections have come loose (and broken adjusters happened in E39s all the time which I why I checked those things). I have a new theory that what I'm seeing shake is actually the cutoff element in the headlight. I see the cutoff line jiggling around when driving around running low beams but I had a chance to run high beams for a little while today and can't say I noticed any kind of bouncing whatsoever. It is both sides, it isn't THAT bad, but it bugs me and I bet it bugs oncoming drivers. Any ideas?

I'll also say that it could still be my imagination, but I swear it seems like the lights, perhaps only the driver's side, are lower after driving around for a while than when I started driving. It could be aimed lower or the cutoff is lower. When I bounce up into my garage it then seems like everything is level again on the back wall. It's weird. I'm still trying to figure out if it's all in my head.

The car came with one remaining year of a third party warranty which is in the process of being transferred to me. I'm hoping that if there's anything wrong with the lights they will be replaced by this warranty but I don't want to show up at a dealer with a bunch of complaints that are hard to test in the daytime and pay a fortune to be told "unable to duplicate". I DIY everything so I'm game to dig into lights if there's something specific to check for.

2/ I absolutely loved the stratified climate control in the E39s - always "fresh" air around your head controlled by the blending wheel. The E46 and E90 have the same features, but I and my passengers are always finding it "hot" or stuffy in the E90. The temperature controls change things, the fan control changes things, but on anything resembling "automatic" programming it's not blowing a large enough volume of cool enough air from the face vents to feel fresh even when it's 5C outside and the blend wheel is set full blue/cold. I almost never had to fiddle with the E39 climate control, I'm hoping I won't have to mess with the E90 all the time. Even when I try to point the face vents right at my face I can't feel any of the air actually at my face. I have to crank the fan up above half to start to feel it and by then it's making a fair bit of noise too. In the E39 3 out of 14 felt plenty fresh even if the vent wasn't pointed right at your face.

Could something be wrong, even though all of the controls seem to respond properly, or is it kind of like this? My option list includes "hot weather climate" despite being a Canada car. In E39 circles, that means that fan speeds are kept higher when cooling is required. I don't know what it means on E90s.

3/ My E39 had an old-fashioned throttle butterfly connected by a cable to the accelerator pedal and I loved it. Now I have drive-by-wire and I'm getting used to it. I drive stick and have been through some performance driver training and I'm usually smooth with the controls. I never thought much of it but I'll often be squeezing on and off the throttle to move around slower traffic, or anticipating an upcoming shift, or whatever. Every time I lift, even a little, it seems that the E90 cuts power and jerks passengers forward far more than it should for the amount and speed that I lifted the pedal. Is this just the way it is? Or possibly a learned adaptation from the previous owner that will gradually go away? Or is it indicative of any particular possible problem? The same pedal action on any of my previous cars resulted in a smooth roll-on, roll-off of power.

When I was car shopping I didn't have the luxury of a lot of time (my E39 was totaled and the clock was ticking on the insurance rental car) and E90s were only one of the cars on my list so I didn't get a ton of seat time while shopping to notice more subtle things like this on comparable cars.

Thanks for now...