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Originally Posted by themoveforward View Post
I've found the GS1912.PRG file in TOOL32, and when I load it, some of the options are Initialisierung, and another steuerngeraete_ reset. I believe steuerngeraete_ reset is the correct option to run, but if anybody knows for certain that would be great.
I had run that file and "steuerngeraete_reset" and it seemed to reset the adaptations, or at least something in the ECU, as the entire computer system in the car reset and ran through all the diagnostics before ending back up at the 4x4, ABS, Traction Control error (which goes away after driving the car a few feet). The transmission didn't seem to remember the properly adapted shift points too. Either way the next time I was at the dealer I had them reset the adaptations again anyway just in case.