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First time Bimmer owner- Wheel/Tire opinions

Hey everyone

So I just picked up my first BMW about 2 weeks ago, got a 2011 335i coupe with xdrive. I am still super thrilled with the car, it is definitely a big step from my old 03 Nissan Pathfinder.

Now comes my questions, I am already looking into new wheels and tires. I want to pick up the matte black 19" M359 made by Avant Garde with these tire sizes 235/35/19 (f) and 265/30/19 (r). Anyone see any issues running this size?

I also want to keep my 193m style wheels and use them in the winter as they are a sharp looking wheel. I was going to run 225/45/18 winter tires around, does anyone see an issue with this size? The diameter of the tire is going to be a full inch bigger than what I have now and an extra 0.5" bigger in the sidewall. Will it make a difference that the rims are different widths?

I know this may have been asked before and its a lengthy question but any tips/help will be greatly appreciated.