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Originally Posted by cn555ic View Post
The steps you are taking are correct to the tee, but your using the wrong profile in Expertmode...YOu are basically writing the default parameters back to factory settings...Did you follow the directions and make a writable profile in which you can edit and save the file??

Did you do this from steps 21 to step 34 from this PDF???

Thanks cn555ic.
Since day 1, I could never do step 25, as I never get that screen.

My coding history started couple of months ago, where I could not do step 25. Asked many people, and nobody could reply and I was told to skip step 35.
The files I had, already had file. I have successfully entered locking / unlocking beeps, 'v' on cluster and some other features.

However I am stuck at LCI retrofitting coding.
Can you kindly explain how to do step 25?