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Awesome project. I never understood as to why people get so pissed and make a fuss about if someone converted their non m into m. This happened a lot in e46f and i guess its the same around here. I also noticed one thing, when someone gets a feeler about an m3 bodykit and shares his idea on the forums everyone flames him, but when he gets it done and actually finish the conversation everyone drools on it -_-
OP is right. In some countrys such as mine, a regular 325 sedan would cost 21000$ but an e90 m3 would cost well above 58000$ due to taxes and several fees. and the m3 body conversion would cost with paint around 4k$
Imo 335 with m3 bodykit/tune/bov/porscha big brakes is the best thing that can happen for e90/e92, the reason why im seriously considering a conversion.