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Firstly let me say I love BMW's and despite this experience still am about to buy an F01 BMW 7 2011 model from another dealer. However, let me say I have never had to go through so much hassle with any company - ever. The Berry BMW people have let me down in the most disappointing and shocking way imaginable. Having been a loyal BMW customer for many years and having also been a Berry BMW client and bought a brand new BMW X5 for over 50k for my wife from there I regret to say I will never use these people ever again for anything.

I also own an E60 M5 2010 model and I have to say that this garage is the worst BMW dealer or for that matter any car out there that I have experienced. Their customer care is shockingly bad and they have despite me having written email letter after letter of compaint have done nothing about any of my issues from minor to major. Their neglect and lack of correct diagnostics on the transmission caused my M5 at 13k miles (which had been driven sensibly for an M car, never track day'd and never abused or even M5 launch controlled ever) to breakdown and they simply did not care or offer any reasonable compensation. The clutch was said to have had worn out but the fact was it was not worn but in fact a defective component and BMW head office had goodwilled me the new parts to keep me happy and them doing so indicated I thought indicated good customer care. Berry however did not share the same "goodwill" opinion and refused to "goodwill" the labour which in effect costs Berry's business zero incremental cost since the techicians are paid regardless of whether they work or not. I thought maybe they had changed their mind when I was asked to then come and meet the dealer principal. I did so but In the meeting however, I then understood that the "level" of customer care stems from the top as unfortunately the DP too had zero regard for any complaint I had made and effectively said he took umbrage to my complaint and had the cheek to say I was being unreasonable. I was then called a liar in the same meeting and he said I had kerbed a courtesy car's wheels previously when I had in fact not! It seemed Berry had a grudge against me for allegedly kerbing a courtesy car and seemed to be then being spiteful to me to take revenge!! Anyway I told them if I had kerbed the courtesy car then of course I would pay for it as money was not an issue but I had not and it was a point of principal. They refused and I then told them to forget giving me a 200 discount on the labout charge of 1000.00 and said to charge me the full price as they ought not to even bother with the measly 200. I then told them I would never deal with them again. I left ad went to my office and by the time I had got there I discovered that they even went so far as to jeopardise my part ex of the M5 to another dealer by "speaking" with them and telling them not to deal with me or my car!! In all due to their lack of care, service and attention I am out of pocket for more than 6000.00. Having also purchased many brand new marques of car before to use the words bitterly disappointed does not even begin to describe how inept and unprofessionally a loyal customer of theirs was treated.
Sales is great at taking your money and in fairness do a good job but once they have your money the "service" department does not ironically know the meaning of the word. Stay away from them at all costs unless you want to raise your blood pressure, be sorely disappointed and receive continual problem after problem and then be fobbed off, left out of pocket and be accused of lieing- seriously just go elsewhere. If not you will live to regret it.