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Originally Posted by qba335i View Post
But why would you make a copy of an M3? It will never be M3 car... So instead of making a cheap copy why not make something unique?

He is putting a lot of time into this project and just wish he was a little more creative... Not just trying to copy a generic/stock car.

so what would be unique to you? some aftermarket body kit that will look like crap and not last?

or maybe Mtech front and rear bumpers, lux angel eye lights, 19" VMR rims? oh wait, that's not unique at all.

Using the M3 body panels will give him a clean OEM look, which is what he's after. "Unique" is such a stupid term most of the time because everyone wants to do something to their car to make it "unique", yet they do the exact same shit as everyone else. And if someone actually does do something unique, they get berated for it because it doesn't maintain a classy BMW image.