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Used Nettodat coding to fix HID foglights

First off, thanks to Grant and Rotary Rasp. For those who are not aware there was this thread a while back that showed people how to mess with the NETTODAT.TRC file in order to code in specific voltages that the regular trace file does not allow. People were using it primarily for different Angel Eyes setups. I experimented with it in my own car but didn't really get anywhere.

Fast forward to today I met up with someone having issues with their HID fog light kit. After coding out all the bulb checks per usual the driver's side would still go out after about a minute if the engine was running.

I zeroed in on the line PWM_ANSTEURUNG_NSW as a possible source of the problem. Using NCS Dummy I determined that there were 3 possible values (wert_01, wert_02, wert_03), but 2 lines. Before I started messing with it it was:


I then tried changing those 2 lines in every possible combination, to no avail. Only thing I managed to change was to get both fog lights to turn off after a minute instead of just one.

Then I remembered the NETTODAT coding. Just like with the angel eyes, I wrote 2 different trace files back with different values for PWM_ANSTEURUNG_NSW and figured out which 2 bits were different using Beyond Compare. Sure enough, they matched up with the voltages in this handy chart. I then started coding in specific voltages, starting from the minimum 5.95V and incrementing upwards. What I saw with the lower voltages was, the fog lights would flicker constantly and not power on fully at all. When I reached 13.0V they behaved like they were before, going out after 1 minute. Then 13.2V, bam, they stayed on! My theory is that the bulbs required higher than what I'm guessing is the stock fog light voltage, 13.0V, and since they weren't getting enough juice they shut off. So in the end everyone was happy and I felt like a badass for getting this through experimentation and experience instead of the usual "copy pasta stuff from the spreadsheet". I do have to thank Rotary Rasp and Grant for the knowledge to accomplish this though, and I leave this story here hoping maybe someone will find it useful.