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Lightbulb A Sportier Z4 Successor On the Way?

A Sportier Z4 Successor On the Way?

The current Z4 (E89) looks the part, but a prevailing sentiment among auto enthusiasts seems to be that its performance and driving dynamics do not quite live up to its sporty looks.

This may be changing in the next generation Z4 as Insideline is reporting that the third generation Z4 will feature a sportier and more engaging driving experience.

Besides the obvious mechanical changes which will occur, some of the styling is also said to be changing to help achieve this - by shortening the front hood just a bit, while still keeping the proportionately longer front end look. Don't expect too radical of a change or styling however, as it will still conform with the BMW design group's late policy of creating more timeless designs which look good for 15 years.

The handling balance of the next-generation Z4 will also benefit from the bigger role played by the downsized four-cylinder N20 engines recently introduced in the current model, with this lighter power unit producing a more favorable weight distribution.

If the current E89 Z4's sticks to traditional BMW model life cycles, the next Z4 will be due around 2015.

We hope that all this means the next Z4 will pose some challenge to the Porsche Boxster, but if not, let's see a Z2 roadster which will, BMW!