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I know it all along, even before test driving the car. I will say it again and again... E89 is a great blvd cruiser, suspension & handling is more on the soft and comfortable side, full with technology and lots of electronic. Also, the car weighs more than the E85 between 300-500 pounds and comes with a hardtop which adds more weight and changes the center of gravity. Not exactly your best "DNA" for a Roaster with the "Ultimate Driving Machine".

BMW should have continued enhancing and improving the E85 with suspension and possibly cosmetics upgrades or improvements. But, they want the opposite direction and folded their cards to the Boxster. Why on earth would one purchase or lease the 35is starting at $60k+ with the above mentioned characteristics is beyond me.

As I see it, the Z4 (2006-2008), Z4M, and the undefeated Boxster (especially the new 2013 model) remain the only true roadsters on the Market ( 911's, Spyder, and others are at different price range for this conversation).
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