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I agree the Z4 is no Boxster, hence its emphasis on style, convenience and comfort in order to differentiate it from the Boxster. The problem for BMW is that Porsche can make its great chassis more comfortable too by offering an extensive option list. Things will get worse when/if Porsche use smaller 4 cylinder engines as it will to compete with the MKIII Audi TT that is moving more upmarket in terms of dynamic performance. In other words, Porsche could offer the Boxster in a price range to compete against the Z4 or with an option list that offers many of the amenities of the Z4, both with a better chassis and a better badge. So where does the Z4 fit in?

Audi TTs -similar price, and non roadster has 2+2(semi usable rear seats, I should know, I used to own one).
Boxster -heard nothing but raving reviews about the new chassis, and the aesthetics are even better...Porsche even seems to have designed an interior!
Z4 -to me, slots in between these two cars....more dynamic than a TT, more luxurious compared to Boxster, but not as dynamic. Not really a part of the market I would want to occupy, and I think this is reflected by the sales of the current car.

It remains a mystery to me how BMW, known for its sporty character, has failed to produce an 'affordable' sports car. Sure, M3, M5/6 offer amazing dynamics that compete with most sports cars on the roads, but for the simple pleasures of small, simple sports cars, one needs to look to other brands. Z2??? PURE roadster simplicity? Let's hope!