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Originally Posted by Propagator View Post
It's not that the new Boxster is that much better than the old one. It's that people are finally taking their heads out of their collective asses and recognizing the Boxster/Cayman twin as what they are: The best f'ing sports cars that Porsche currently makes.
Propagator: I agree 100000% on this. I had so much more fun in a Cayman S for 3 days than I did with a 911 turbo. Sure the turbo will blow the doors of the Cayman S in a straight line, but to me, the balance and crispness of the Cayman S along with the ability to use more of the engine made it more enjoyable than the 911. With the 911 in Taiwan, you'd never really need to take it past second gear if you want to hear that motor work, whereas the PDK and Cayman S are more than up to the task for non-track, spirited driving. JUST LOVE THAT CAR...and the new Boxster takes that experience up just one more notch...can't wait for the Cayman!