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My stake is that the statement above makes all the sense.
"its performance and driving dynamics do not quite live up to its sporty looks"

This car was designed by 2 great designer girls but at the end of the day it misses testosterone... Of course...There was non on the blueprints.

I had Z3 and the first Z4 (that by the way it was the car that I have more fun ever) and even though the design change was dramatic, controversial and for some ugly... it kept the manhood intact.

Same thing happens on the SLK were critics call girls car.

I personally feel that this current Z4 went way up on accessories, toys and it is over loaded with thing roadster driver don't need. And by the way... does anybody notice that this model is driven most of the time with the top up? Well.. let me tell you, I been in Florida for 20 years and Z3 and Z4's are always with top down... This new one most of them are driven with the heavy metallic top al the way up. Why? because woman and old people don't want their hair messed up. Clearly this car is attracting a different crowd.

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