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Originally Posted by dangeris View Post
OK first of all, what are you referring to as the front bump stops? When I took off the front strut this is what was there:

Are you referring to part#10? On that is called "additional Shock absorber, front" So basically, I compressed the ZSP spring, took of the nut (part#3) removed the upper spring plate as well as the boot and the "additional shock absorber" and reinstalled it on the koni.
Why on God's green earth would I not re-use it? Perhaps the other guys that needed to use teh e36 M3 bumpstops had to becasue their car did not come with a ZSP package...mine did. All I know is that I reused what I took off and the car rides incredible now and the ride height is perfect!
Yes, part #10, it is inside the rubber boot. Also as the previous poster said, you do not have a ZSP suspension, no Xi does. It has an Xi-specific suspension and there is no "sport" version of it, despite common belief otherwise.

Point is many people who are very familiar with the travel limits of their suspensions are needing shorter bumpstops with koni yellows. What I cannot figure out is

a) why you got the drop and don't seem to be riding on the stops &
b) why critical05 did not initially get the drop, but cut his then got the drop

It could be that critical05 did not drive his car around and let it settle before he measured (but I doubt it). BTW this is an ongoing problem with aftermarket suspensions for BMW's, I still have an e36 M3 that I bought off the showroom floor in 1995. When Bilstien first came out with sport shocks for it a year or two later, the bump stops (inside the strut for that design) needed to be trimmed. But no one knew that and for a year or so everyone was wondering why the ride was so stiff.

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