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Originally Posted by 335okc View Post
OK, my silicone intake hose (vishnu pwm version) just popped out while i was doing 18psi.
it's been a year since i installed it and it's been through some abuse, not sure why it decided to pop out now.
since i'm going to have to remount it, what do you guys do to prevent this sort of things? i hate to over tighten the T-clamps for fear that it'll crush the throttle body.
do these things slowly edge out till it pops out? do you guys check it every so often? i usually inspect my engine bay and it didn't look out of norm yesterday.

any tips/tricks are welcome.
Silicon hoses are not compatible at all with oil vapor at all. Upon exposure to oil, the silicon will swell and increase in volume up to 10-40% and they lose 40% of its strength. Over time, the hose inside diameter increases so it unable to seal against the tube bead. The hose should be replaced with either a flurosilicone material or a fluorocarbon lined silicon hose which will last 5-10 years. If you cannot find fluro type hoses then use either armide or fiberglass reinforced silicon hoses. It should be clear that with higher boost these hoses will become a maintenance item that needs to be replaced often (1-2 years). Alos, the clamp does not seal the hose against the tube

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