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▀▄ eas | GIAC ECU Power Upgrades

GIAC is offering multiple stages for the N54 motors, designed to meet the desired power levels of each individual car!

Stage 1(+67 HP and 97 LB. FT on 100 Octane)

GIAC's Stage 1 software is designed to make safe and optimal power gains without the need for additional modifications. Nonetheless, stage 1 software is compatible with hardware upgrades such as a FMIC, dual cone intake or cat back exhaust. On GIAC's in-house Mustang dyno, peak gains have been measured at 67 horsepower and 97 ft. lb. of torque on 100 octane fuel, and 53 horsepower and 68 ft. lb. of torque on 91 octane! Further, GIAC can deliver these results with factory-like drivability.

- Increased horsepower and torque
- Top speed limiter is removed
- Increased Throttle/Pedal response
- Completely reversible, "zero" physical modifications
- Retains all factory safety protocols, including critical safety modules like ABS
- No tuner or shadow codes present
- 100% compatible with all diagnostic software or tools
- For optimum performance the software must be coupled with exhaust.

Stage 2 (+108 HP and 128 LB. FT. on 91 Octane)

GIAC's Stage 2 software is designed for cars with upgraded downpipes (high flow cat or catless) and an upgraded FMIC. While other supporting hardware such as an intake or turbo back exhaust is optional, it is strongly recommended for maximum power gains. On 91 octane fuel with an upgraded FMIC, dual cone intake and catted turbo back exhaust, GIAC has measured peak gains of 108 horsepower and 128 ft. lb. of torque!

Stage 2 Race (+125 HP and 146 FT. LB. on 91 Octane)

GIAC's Stage 2 Race software is designed for cars with full supporting modifications such as intake, turboback exhaust and upgraded FMIC, as well as water methanol injection. Perhaps most important with this stage is that it allows the ECU to maintain active fail safes. In the event of a knock or lack of sufficient water/methanol flow, GIAC's software enables the ECU to quickly take corrective measures so as to ensure that no damage occurs to your engine. Further, GIAC software is compatible with any water methanol system. (For example, the Berk Technology 135i currently runs GIAC software with AEM water methanol injection, while the Evolution Racewerks 135i runs the same software with a Snow Performance Stage 2 kit) With this software level, GIAC's in-house Mustang dyno has measured peak gains of 125 horsepower and 146 lb. ft. of torque on 91 octane!


You can reach us directly by calling 866.669.0705 to place your order over the phone.

Credit/Debit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal, Google Checkout (available online & over phone)

Other Payments:
Money Order/Cashier's Check & Bank Wire Transfer are also available. Please contact us to pay with either of these methods.

All CA customers will be charged 7.75% CA Sales tax.

All orders will be shipping via UPS. If you are interested in shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, or internationally, please contact us directly, as you will be charged additional
shipping fees.

Hours of Operations:
Monday - Friday from 9AM to 5PM PST
Saturday/Sunday - Closed

Retail Location/ Installation Center:
Come check out our 8000 square foot facility in Anaheim, CA. We install everything we sell.

Contact Info:
Phone: 866.669.0705 x32


Feel free to contact me via PM, email, or phone if you have any questions.

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