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Originally Posted by dangeris View Post
Well he got the eibach springs right? and they have them specifically for the XIs and are rated for a drop of 1". My Springs are B&G S2 Sport springs. They don't make them for the XIs, only for the I and are rated for a drop of 1.6" in the front and 1.4" in the rear. Could that be the difference?..XI springs vs I springs?

Only reason why I got those was I didnt want the huge drop that the B&G race springs would give yet I didn't want to be stage coaching either after putting forth the effort of removing and replacing the suspension. And I believe there are XI guys out there running on I springs...
No actually that is what makes it so confusing. His drop should have been less, so if you don;t need to trim the stops he should not have had any problems. If they need to be trimmed, your car should have needed it it more.

This assumes everything was done right by everyone. What I meant by not letting it settle, to be clear, was when you lower a car off of jacks and do not roll it back and forth some, the suspension is not settled to actual ride height. If for example he just let it off the jacks, and measured then, it would seem high. I am not saying he did that but if he did it would explain some of this.