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Originally Posted by 1QuikWS6 View Post
Exactly what I was questioning. I see a couple using the i springs, but they were all 335xi

So if you can use the i springs for xi:

328i E92 --> #2091.140 Front 1.0/Rear 0.8

328i E90 --> #2085.140 Front 1.2/Rear1.0

335i E92 --> #2092.140 Front 1.0/Rear 0.8

335i E90 --> #2092.140 Front 1.4/Rear 1.0

Funny how 328 uses (2) different P/N's based on whether E92 or E90, while 335 uses same P/N

And 335 P/N yields (2) different drops depending on whether used on E92 or E90 even thought it is supposedly the same spring. Must be vehicle weight?

To be safe I guess 328ix E92 should go with 328i E92 springs - I wonder what would happen/what would be drop if 328i E90 springs were used on 328ix E92?
I was searching for this and I came across this post, but no answers.

Will the 2085.140 Eibach springs work on an E92 Xi?