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My car dyno'd at 257.7 stock on a dyno dynamics. Yours seems really low. I have heard though that those type dynos are easily screwed up by the person running the dyno. You may want to get a second opinion on a dynojet.

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Understanding there are multiple variables when it comes to dyno runs. but on an average, does a 227hp average (3 runs) sound right for a 2007 E92 335i (July 2007 production)? i am very green to this as you can tell.

Dyno Dynamics Dyno (updated last year)
4th gear AT (DS) (started around 1800 - 2000 rpm to shift 5th)
+- 60 deg
Stock with standard maintenance and recalls
Hood up
+- 5-8 min. between runs (car left running)
42,500 miles

i didn't record the boost, frankly because i didn't want him cutting into the hose line. and i am not up to speed on how to.

i guess what i am really looking after; adding the mods, doing another run by the same shop/person/dyno/environment etc. and see the HP & Torque difference.

any thoughts and or advice to dyno runs would be appreciated.
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