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MKIII Jetta Build: Boost and E85

I know, not a BMW but I figured I would share anyway since more than likely I'll be driving this to any future BMW meets.

So it begins. Kind of a birthday present to myself since my birthday is in a few days I'm doing something I've been wanting to do for some time now. I've been wanting to acquire a car for a while that I could be build up, beat, and basically not car too much about. This is going to be a slow process as I am a college student and the budget is tight. I also prefer to things the way I want it the first time, so I would rather take longer to put it together.

The car is a Black 1997 Jetta TDI. I acquired the car from a really good friend of mine for $300. He was the original owner, and put 311,000 miles on it. He took it apart for a rebuild like 4 years ago, had some life issues pop up, and just kind never finished putting it together since at that point it wasn't his DD anymore. The paint is still good with the exception of the roof. Currently the car has no motor, no transmission, and no front bumper and headlights. It already has upgraded springs and shocks, I think tokico, and comes with bilsteins and H&R springs in the trunk. Also comes with a G60 transmission, although I don't know if I going to use it. I know I could easily by a running one for the same of less than what this is all going to cost me, but then I'm just going to have a stock car. Essentially, I should be able to have everything upgraded for a round the same amount of money.

The plan as of now is doing an ABA 16v Turbo. Essentially a 8 valve block, with a 16v head. Starting goal is 400whp, and going up from there. EMS will be a megasquirt 1. I haven't decided which transmission I want to use yet. I'd love to reuse the TDi tranny, but it needs a new 1st gear synchro. So it depends how much it is to replace the synchro. I just loved those gears on my friend's turbo cabby. (Now using a G60 Transmission)

So as of now, not much has started yet. Today, I spend an hour decreasing the engine bay. The TDI short block is in it still. so I will be removing it this week. I also have to remove all my buddy's stuff from the car. I don't have a lot of time this week, but I hope to have the car cleaned up and at my house this weekend.

And some pics of the fine vehicle, and my buddy's turbo MKI Rabbit in the background.