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As of Sunday night, the Jetta is officially living in my garage thanks to MysticZ. Luckily, I live pretty close to my friends house that we towed it from. The car basically has no brakes, and the engine was dragging on road and caused a lot of sparks. We made it safely, and didn't lose too many parts on the way.

Tonight I was able to get a few things done. I removed the old TDi engine, removed the engine harness, removed the A/c lines and condenser, removed the coolant hoses from the fire wall for the heater core, removed the power steering pump and half of the lines, removed the factory ecu, removed the old boost gauge, and removed the old boost control setup. Not bad for 2 hours of work. Tomorrow might be the day I go find an engine. Just depends how much hw I get done in the morning.

Lifting old Motor out

Couldn't resist this photo op

getting rid of power steering

An empty Engine Bay

Went and pulled of a PL 16v. Big cams coming soon.