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replaced bent wheel + tire, re-align?

I recently recently got new tires and had an alignment and they were able to get everything lined up perfectly (according to the sheet). The car drove straight but I had some vibration.

I took it back to the tire place and had them road force my new tires (apparently they didn't do it when they put them on originally) and found out that my left front wheel was bent, the tire on that wheel also had a "hop" from the factory, and the right side rear wheel also would not road force to below 32. I had the left front tire and wheel replaced, the right rear tire replaced and the tires road forced. I also found out my right front rotor (on my recently installed set of brakes) was warped and had it replaced under warranty. Now everything road forces below 10 and things vibrate way less.

The new set of tires had about 500 miles on them when I replaced the two bad ones under warranty. They are bridgestone s04 pole position tires.

Now when I drive the car, it appears to pull left every so slightly. When I hold the steering wheel to where I perceive it as straight the car drifts left. When I let go of the steering wheel the steering wheel settles a very slightly cocked to the right. Of course its very hard to even test this because most roads aren't perfectly flat, but this is what I have gathered.

The question is, since the original alignment was done with the bent wheel and two bad tires, should I have them re-check/re-do it now? Could the slight difference in tread depth between the new and slightly less new (500 miles) tires account for this? Anything else I should check?

EDIT: printout attached below - my car is an 06 325i (e90) with sports package 17 inch wheels.

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