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IBS code and now no audio - HELP Please!

The other day, when I came out of work to head home, I realized that there was no sound at all from the radio. (I have an aftermarket amp and Technic's cable- there has never been a problem until now.) The blue tooth picks up the incoming/outgoing calls, and displays them, but no sound. Same with the radio, it shows the title of the mp3 song playing, but no sound.

The next morning, after the car was unused all night, I had radio/gongs/bluetooth once again for the ride into work. Came out a couple of hours later and the same thing- no sound from anything.

I ran a diagnostic with the Cobb AP and it showed two codes: P2dc3-"monitoring terminal 15" and P2E8D "IBS signal transmission". I tried to reset with the Cobb- and it says it reset and cleared the codes, but still no audio. I also charged the battery fully last evening.

I don't have a long commute at all (less than 10 minutes) and the car doesn't really have the chance to charge the battery, and I occasionally get the low battery icon on the dash when I play the stereo without the car running. Does anybody have any ideas? I'm several hours from the nearest dealer.