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Thanks for responding. I actually saw one of your other posts on this issue, which had me thinking this was the problem-even before I pulled the codes.

The battery shouldn't be that bad- it's a 2010 335, I did a trickle charge on the battery last night, and the meter said it was fully charged this a.m. and still no sound. I looked for codes again, and it wasn't showing any. I suppose I could do a test to check the battery voltage to make sure. But, assuming that the battery is no longer the problem, what do you think's going on- and is there a fix that I can do??? Extremely frustrated and miss my tunes

Originally Posted by ctuna View Post
You answered your own question.
Your battery is low or maybe old . (you see lots of 06 batterys reported as bad)
Plus if you drive only short distances and let the car sit a lot this also
depletes the battery.
When you do an install without disconnection of the battery the car stays
awake which is a considerable current draw on the battery.
The IBS (INtelligent Battery System ) detects this and starts to turn
stuff off to save the charge .
Get a battery tender such as a Ctek .
When you start to approach 2000 watts in add on equipment you may have
a problem with the charging system keeping up with load.

Also is your IBS Cable still plugged in at the battery distribution
strip on top of the battery?
I have heard of people unpugging the IBS Cable to get the car started I wonder if it would defeat the IBS if you unplugged it
allowing the stereo to run.
I would measure your battery voltage first.