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Negative on the hot climate- South Dakota, it's been very mild lately. So, are you saying that if it's not the battery that it's probably the IBS sensor itself that's malfunctioning? Could I simply disconnect the IBS in the short term?

Originally Posted by ctuna View Post
Read the description.
Also this thread belongs in the stereo subforum most likely and not
the coding section.
If you had a coding setup I would use Inpa or DIS57 to see if it tells you anything more, because its going to be more BMW centric than the Cobb interface.
I have had the low battery problem you describe but when I charged the battery no problem. I am wondering if just disconcerting the battery would be enough to reset the system.
So I am just guessing on that one.
The extreme speculation is maybe the tune is stopping a reset
I know some people have had to turn there tune off to do diags
and other stuff.
Also you might drop back and check the basics fuses power at the
amp etc.. It still sounds like a low battery.
Do you live in a very hot environment that would that is way hot
and eats battery's such as Arizona , Texas or the southwest or the southern states?