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Question BMW E90 Oil leak / Valve cover gasket issue / or ? ***pictures inside***

Dear E90'rs,

I am in dire need of some help here please...

Just recently bought this BMW, its an E90 - 2006 325i Sedan.
One owner car, with 140,000KM [87,000 miles] on the odometer.

This was purchased just a few weeks ago, when I looked at the car, it seemed in a good used condition. Drove great and there weren't any red flags with it. I did notice some oil around engine bay at the lot, but the private dealer I bought it from claimed it was just a rust protection and nothing else to be alarmed about.

Two or three days ago, when topping up windshield washer fluid, I noticed what you see below in the pictures. Been looking around on google and religiously went over posts in this forum; seems like its a valve cover gasket leaking? or or or?

But there seems to be an awful lot of oil/gunk around the engine and especially around the valve cover. I purchased the car with an intention of keeping it for the next few years. Dealer gave me a 30 days full bumper to bumper warranty and 2 years powertrain/seal/gasket warranty.

Now you guys are experts... May I please kindly know what you think is going on here ???

There are no lights on the dash, car drives fine, no engine burning smell or anything, mileage wise I am getting 11L/100KM reading on the on board computer.

I'd appreciate any and every input and will take it up with the dealer accordingly. Is this normal? Do I have a storm brewing? ............

Thank you much.

Here are the pictures I snapped just a few minutes ago to give you an idea..