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Originally Posted by Bavarian Tech View Post
That is not normal by any means, no no no...You have a very bad leaking valve cover gasket, I wouldn't be surprised if your oil filter gasket is leaking..I would highly recommend you get that addressed ASAP as it poses a safety issue, oil leaking onto a hot exhaust manifold is a potential fire.
Not quite sure I'd pull the fire alarm just yet.

His valve cover gasket is weeping, but it is hardly a safety issue. The oil weep is contained to the edges of the valve cover and is being absorbed by dirt. Further, the exhaust manifold is not showing any signs of excessive oil dripping (note the clean O2 sensor). As the owner stated, he is not smelling burning oil.

I've seen cars where the valve cover leaks so much, the oil sludge on the side of the block looks like a chocolate fountain at the Golden Corral.

All the other gunk you see in the photos is more than likely sprayed on cosmoline, not irrupting oil from a a valve cover.