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Originally Posted by EvosM3 View Post
Yes, Obama is a socialist. Just look at his tax stances. He wants to tax the tax paying classes even more and give their money to the lower class and non-working. His healthcare reform law does the same thing. It increases the insurance premiums of those with insurance to pay for the insurance of those who don't even want or need it. I'm not mad at him, I just don't believe socialism is the right thing for a capitalist country that has done more good for its inhabitants than any other country in the world can do for its people.
Number one, you have no clue what socialism is. Secondly, nobody's giving more tax money to the lower class. A recession puts more people on govt assistance, simple as that. It's not coming from any increased taxes, because there have not been any tax increases. As employment goes up, and the economy continues to improve, then welfare roles decrease. It's not tied to how much we're taxed.

Our taxes are used to pay down the debt. Tax rates have always been graduated, however due to GW Bush, they mysteriously stop graduating at higher incomes, which contributes to the debt. Much of this country agrees that the upper tax rates need to be restored, there's nothing socialist about it. The more you make, the higher the rate. Why should someone making $150k pay a higher rate than one making $50k, but at $300k it's the same rate as $150k? You make it sound like Obama's doing something different than what we've had for 100 years, and he's not.

The health care reform is a remedy to skyrocketing premiums. Presently, we are all paying for the millions of uninsured who get emergency room care, in the form of higher premiums. The reform requires that those uninsured people now pay into the system, so they can stop freeloading off us. How the hell is that socialist? Is Mitt Romney a socialist? He passed the same thing in Massachusetts. Try reading up on the issues before posting.