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Originally Posted by woptang22 View Post
The link you posted is actually the one Im trying to use now. LOL Ive pasted my log into wordpad like it says. Then paste it into the box in the link you provided, then I hit graph and nothing happens. No graph no nothing. So I start over and hit graph before I paste and it allows me to select x or y axis. I choose x and then it doesnt allow me to paste my log. Im not sure whats going on.
Which log. The one you posted, or your CSV? The txt file you posted isn't in CSV format.

1) Open your CSV using notepad, not wordpad.
2) select all, copy to clipboard
3) visit link
4) empty clipboard into the little box, click graph
5) you'll see two columns and all your option. under the column "X-axis", select Time. Under the "Y-axis" column, select all of the checkboxes
6) Click OK, an image with a black background will appear underneath the box you pasted your data into.