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After looking at the front setup, I wished I would have went with 235s up front cause it would have looked cosmetically better. The reason I went with 225 up front is because that is what I was told Vossen recommended. I realize now I should have went on this site to get your opinions because it makes much more sense. As it stands today, Vossen has asked my tire shop to put my ride up on a hoist to take a closer look to see if my ride was lowered and/ or if the suspension is still stock. They are baffled on why there is rubbing and want to ensure that everything is on the up and up. I asked if 265s would fix the problem and my tire shop said no because of where the tire is rubbing. I've added a few pics.... If you look where the sidewall meets the tread, you cam see that it has a glazed looked, that is where it is rubbing...... I'm starting to think that maybe I got a rim with the wrong offsets.