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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
Is this the Spanish Inquisition??? You are unbelievable and unrelenting.


Next, where do you not understand the difference between disagreeing with someone and lableing them as a type of radical nut without cause?
If you consider the sheer volume of your posts in this thread alone compared to mine (not to mention our respective totals in all the political threads for that matter), to call me unrelenting is hypocrisy personified. When you tear the posts of others apart, point by point, I guess that is not the Spanish Inquisition ?

Obama, to some, is a radical leftist. To them, that is not without cause. You may disagree with the causes that others see, but they may place more weight on things like his take on gay marriage than you do. That alone may cause many deeply religious black people to see him as not moderate. Surely at this point you wont assert that those people's position on that is rooted in racism?