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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Can you please explain the stupid statement I underlined?
How do Eastern European guys look?
I don't think it's a particularly stupid statement, and there are some subtle difference in the way people look from all over world, including eastern europe. Having said that, viewed from a window, perhaps hard to see.

But humans are very good at picking up differences in the way people look, its built in, and often you wouldn't be able to explain why you think what you think.

But, you have to add other judgements into things like this. For example, Eastern Europeans are well known for being hard working, which is why they have found so much work over here. For that reason, I'd probably assume dodgy blokes like in the video not to be from there (But I know that's stereo typing!)

I do think people get too hung up on not mentioning that people from foreign places are different though - it's like political correctness gone too far. I saw a fascinating program once which looked at whether different races were more intelligent than other races. Very controversial, but interesting. I do wonder why, if we can easily accept that black guys who originate from certain parts of Africa are naturally better at running long distances for example, that some people from certain parts of the globe may have more brain power - after all, the brain is an organ in the same way a leg muscle is, so why can't there be differences?!

Of course, these differences are only seen at the extremes of the ability ranges, most people, from wherever they're from will be broadly similar in most attributes

Massively off topic now - sorry OP Glad your car wan't damaged in the end
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