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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Can you please explain the stupid statement I underlined?
How do Eastern European guys look?
I hate to say it, but very true, down here in Cornwall where we have a lot of Eastern Europeans working in the hospitality, food and farming industries. They do stand out by virtue of their complexion and the way they dress which is ‘different’ in terms of fashion. I would add that in Cornwall we have no issues with crime being committed by Eastern Europeans and indeed they are known for being hard working, reliable and, by choice, 'keeping themselves to themselves' within their community. I spent some time in Kosovo and so perhaps recognise their ethnic characteristics a bit more than many. The term ‘Eastern European looking’ is no more offensive or less descriptive than ‘Mediterranean looking’ or ‘Scandinavian looking’, and add in a mode of dress and whilst not a precise science, a very good identifier.

Back on topic – It looks like one of them locked a vehicle with a remote – a pity you didn’t see what they were driving.