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Thanks alot for your help on this thread. I greatly appreciate it. I wanted to do some logs because Ive only been using stage 2+FMIC for a few weeks and wanted to make sure everything is working properly. Im glad to hear things that you noticed are pretty good. And I had the DSC off. Maybe I was somehow feathering the throttle for some reason lol. But thats kind of another reason I did some logs. When I get of the gas hard, it seems as if the car "stutters" through the rpms a bit. Nothing totally major. But it just feels as if there isnt a smooth delivery. Just a bit choppy as the rmps go higher.

Originally Posted by phazen23 View Post
Unfortunately, I'm still learning how to differentiate a good run versus a bad one, but I see:

a) only one gear being logged. Ideally 2 or more are preferred, I think 3rd and 4th are the favorites, though it can be difficult since you're going pretty fast at the end of 4th.
b) no timing corrections, which is good. Timing corrections happen when your tune is too aggressive or your gas is too crappy.
c) inlet air temperature looks good
d) some minor throttle closures at the beginning. Was your DSC on? DSC is usually the culprit, so its recommended to turn it off while you do data logs.

FYI, I also didn't turn on all the options you logged. Someone please chime in if they need something I deselected.
2009 E92 BMW M3.