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Thinkers, Check this out! PLEASE

(i know this isnt exactly where i should be posting this but i chose it just because there were bound to be thinkers in here)

Ive been writing for some time and been progressing steadily,
granted im still a young kid, at the age of 17, but i like to say im mature in my own thoughts, interests, and personal habits.

i started a blog for some of the poetry ive been writing the other day and im looking for comments and any criticisms to help me progress in something i appreciate.

my english teacher has acknowledged my skill as it is and she said she can help me become a published writer (being as she is in the proccess of finishing her book), granted that wont be my profession but i can atleast knock it off my list of things to do.

if you guys can just check it out and leave some feed back, negative and positive feed back welcomed.

thanks in advance.