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Originally Posted by Kernel Kurtz View Post
Still thinking about this mod, but also still contemplating the requirements.

The back should be easy to figure out, the wheels only have to move mostly up and down in the wheel wells, so if they clear, they clear.

In the front, they have to move up and down, as well as doing so through the full turning radius. While I admit those 15s look good pointing straight ahead, I'm a bit scared thinking what might happen on a big bump at full lock.........

Thinking maybe 15 back and 12 front might be a safe bet. Think I'll let you guys be guinea pigs for a bit before I decide :-)
I wouldn't be too worried about full lock on a big bump. Doesn't happen too least not for me. I have spacers (10 rear, 12 front) and my car is lowered. I haven't had an issue yet. Granted, you do need to be more careful around bumps etc in general. But that goes along with having 19" wheels and with such low profile tires.

Originally Posted by prairieoyster View Post
Oink Oink.

Here ya go. 15 rear, 12 front.

looks great!